State of my Photography – Half way through the Year

Even though the start of the year wasn’t good with pandemic and the lockdown, I feel good about where I am with my photography. Instead of being frustrated with what I wasn’t doing I embraced what I actually was doing. I might be photographing lots of different things but with enough photos it’s inevitable to find a pattern or even several that can be turned into series. I even have ideas for books that can be a series of books. 

What I will do going onward is to worry less and just photograph. Now that I have several series in mind it will let me look more with purpose.

Finding a New Look

Puh, it has taken too long and too much effort for me to try and settle for a new “look” for my photos. I wanted something with much stronger colours but at the same time felt “timeless” and incorporated things I liked with black and white photos.

Here’s an older photo that I took with my OnePlus 3 that I experimented with and I think I’m getting there. But the look mostly works with sunny Paris haha. So I made a preset for it to have a starting point but it only works for photos taken with my old OnePlus so need to do lots more tweaking for my other cameras.